Tax Day: Make Them Pay


Chase Bank - Capitol Square
E. Mifflin Street @ Wisconsin Avenue
53703 Madison , WI
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Event Date: 
Tuesday, April 19, 2011 - 12:30pm to 3:00pm

Directions: Travel to the capitol square to the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and E. Mifflin Street where the Chase Bank is located.

Hosted by Jeffrey Kravat

Description: The Banksters and Corporate criminals continue to control our Republican politicians. They use the millions of dollars not paid in taxes to buy these politicians who are eager to do their bidding and pass laws to benefit their corporate masters.

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The right wing is on the attack: slashing public services, eliminating workers' rights, and destroying jobs. Their excuse? "America is broke"—and yet big corporations and the wealthy are raking it in, and continue to get tax break after tax break. Something doesn't add up.

America is not broke. The right-wing wants to convince us we're broke so that they can push through their radical agenda. And well-connected corporations continue to use their political power to dodge their taxes. In 2009, after helping crash the American economy, Bank of America paid $0 in taxes. GE had a tax bill of $0 in 2010. Republicans want to give a $50 billion tax bailout to big oil companies—and at the same time take away food aid to hungry pregnant women and children. This is immoral and un-American.

Enough is enough! On Tax Day, April 18, as millions of Americans patriotically pay their taxes, we will call on corporations and millionaires to pay their fair share. At hundreds of events from coast to coast, we'll present tax bills to corporate tax dodgers for the billions of dollars their legions of lobbyists helped them avoid. We'll organize a peaceful, dignified, and powerful day of action to call on corporations to pay their fair share. And we'll demand that our elected leaders make them pay.

It's time to demand that everyone pays their fair share to rebuild the American Dream. We invite frustrated taxpayers, underwater homeowners, vilified public servants, job-hunting students, and unemployed veterans—everyone facing cuts or cutbacks, a pink slip or a shrinking paycheck—to join in.

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