A New Global Struggle--From Cairo to Madison


MATC Truax Campus, Room 142A
3550 Anderson Street
Madison , WI
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Event Date: 
Thursday, March 31, 2011 - 12:30pm

The wave of revolution and revolt sweeping the Middle East and North Africa has overthrown dictators, shaken US and Western domination of the region, and challenged the enormous inequality created by neo-liberal capitalism.

This public forum will discuss the development of the first great revolutions of the 21st century— and their meaning for everyone who wants to live in a world based on real democracy and social justice.

Ahmed Shawki is the editor of the International Socialist Review. He serves on the steering committee of the National Council of Arab-Americans and is a member of the National Writers Union and the International Socialist Organization. Shawki is a contributor to "The Struggle for Palestine" (Haymarket Books 2002) and author of "Black
Liberation and Socialism" (Haymarket Books 2005).