Pull Back the Curtain Sponsored by Madison Infoshop: Behind Curtain #4 – M&I Bank


M&I Bank
1 West Main Street
Madison , WI
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Event Date: 
Thursday, March 24, 2011 - 12:00pm

To draw attention to M&I Bank’s funding of the Walker governorship, as well as their sordid track record of foreclosing on bankrupt farmers and evicting hapless renters, citizens are urged to join a statewide day of action targeting the rogue bank.

Since receiving $1.7 billion in taxpayer bailout money in 2008, M&I has been busy bankrolling Governor Walker’s attack on working and poor families, while holding the assets of wealthy elites who pay virtually no taxes. It is time to confront M&I’s greed and toxic corporate citizenship by sticking it to them where really it hurts – in their pocketbook.

In Madison, a local non-profit will withdraw its monies from M&I Bank at 1 W Main St at 12 noon on Thursday, while other actions will be happening throughout the state.