National Student Walkout on Walker


Library Plaza @ State St. & E Campus Mall Madison , WI
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Friday, March 11, 2011 - 2:00pm to 5:00pm

Walkout at 2pm Friday! March to Library Plaza for a youth rally.

Famed Film-maker Michael Moore initiated the call for national student walkouts against Governor Walkers' anti-worker Bill. Students across Madison are preparing to stage a second day of walkouts to bring our school system to a standstill. We are appealing to teachers, other public sector workers, and college students to join us!

It was high school student walkouts ...that helped spark this movement in the first place, and we are prepared to step up struggle even more if necessary.

Weeks of mass demonstrations and public opinion didn't stop Walker. Its time students and workers launched coordinated strike action to shut down business as usual in Wisconsin until the whole bill is killed!

The last time Walker scheduled a Senate vote on February 17, student strikes inspired teacher sickouts and shut down over 30 school districts, helping to pressure the 14 Democrats to leave the state. This time needs to be even bigger! With many union activists talking about a public sector general strike, big student walkouts can help spark a strike movement to bring the whole state to a standstill.

Politicians tell us that walkouts disrupt our education. In reality it's the budget cuts and attacks on teachers that undermine our schools. What is the lesson when we are told to sit passively in our desks while our futures are sacrificed for the enrichment of a few businessmen? Tomorrow we plan to get a hands-on education in democracy by marching into the Capitol demanding: "No decision about us without us!" We plan to show it is the teachers and students who make our schools work.

* Kill the WHOLE Bill!
* Solidarity means opposing ALL budget cuts. An injury to ONE is an injury to ALL!
* United we stand, divided we fall! Workers and students must strike together!