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Conor Kenny is the managing editor of Congresspedia, a wiki-based, citizen's encyclopedia on Congress that anyone can edit but which is overseen by professional editors. Congresspedia is a joint project of the Center for Media and Democracy and the Sunlight Foundation. Activists, bloggers, researchers and "regular citizens" collaborate on Congresspedia to report on and watchdog Congress. As managing editor, Conor works with the citizen editors to administer and add content to the wiki, fact-checks contributions, recruits new participants and reports on the activities of Congress on his blog.

Previously, Conor was a researcher for the Congress Watch division of Public Citizen, a national, non-profit public-interest organization. At Congress Watch he spent several years researching and reporting on influence and corruption in the federal government. Conor studied political economy at Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA and Deep Springs College in California. He is based in Washington, DC.


By Dwight Baker
Monday, October 06, 2008

The wheels of commerce and trade around the world today are screeching and grinding to a halt. As WE THE PEOPLE of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in the west are beset with an unjustifiable, baseless, moronic CONGRESS that has caved into the many failed and frocked with fraud BUSH BUNCH NEO-CON agendas. And in doing that the RULE of LAW in our CONSTITUTION has been held in derision when hard decisions have come along and thus CONGRESS winked at the RULE OF LAW as having no more legitimacy.

Thus in simple terms THE RULE OF LAW as it stands now in America today is just the SEE-SAW YAW of law. Hence our CONSTITUTION has no more strict substance that remains and ALL can be interpreted depending on the circumstances. Therefore those in our CONGRESS most coming from the school of LAW seem to prevail and taking what they want from WE THE PEOPLE very open handily and characteristic of their profession composed and drafted in private cherty and secretively. Thus when making claims of deeds done for WE THE PEOPLE ALL seems very hazy and reveled guardedly. The games that CONGRESS has been involved for the last several years is to deny the RULE OF LAW to which the oath they took to uphold.

Therefore the only good signal that WE THE PEOPLE can send around the world that things will change for the better in America is to demand that CONGRESS recall all that testified before CONGRESS in the frocked with fraud PAULSON and BUSH plan and after them taking oaths or if they do not agree to do so, recall the PAULSON and BUSH PLAN now as law then annul it.

Now who among us can push CONGRESS ALONG to do right not wrong for WE THE PEOPLE? Who can deny that they do not love America as it has stood as a beckon of light for the world to emulate? And who can deny that over the last forty years many vile, evil and loathsome ones have attempted to steal our rich heritage? And who can refuse to acknowledge that those many efforts of beast like savagery has been done at the will and hands of our elected political officials and judges in our UNTIED STATES OF AMERICA?

WE THE PEOPLE urge our Professional MEDIA to expose the truth as never before with statements of the EXACT FACTS comprising the TRUTH then hold CONGRESS and others to their sworn duties of recalling the witness of the PAULSON and BUSH BAILOUT PLAN then proceed rapidly to annul it. Because many that testified before CONGRESS committed fraud.