Posted by Jody Knauss on April 27, 2015

Now that the Wisconsin GOP and its allies have rammed though an American Legislative Exchange Council "right to work" (RTW) bill, the same cast of characters is back pushing another ALEC model: repeal of the state’s prevailing wage laws. These laws require public construction projects to support local wage standards instead of undercutting them.

Posted by Jody Knauss on April 23, 2015

According to a new report from the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (ROC), the giant corporations operating or franchising full-service restaurants cost taxpayers billions in public assistance for workers who are not paid enough to make ends meet.

Posted by Mary Bottari on April 14, 2015

Hotel profits are up. Executive salaries have skyrocketed. But the little-known trade association representing this robust $163 billion dollar industry is fighting to keep workers wages low.

Posted by PR Watch Admin on April 13, 2015

Backed by big corporate dollars from McDonalds and others, the International Franchise Association is using legal maneuvers and back room lobbying to try to undermine workers in the fast food industry.

Posted by PR Watch Admin on April 03, 2015

When the dust settles from the NCAA tournament's biggest battle, one group of winners will emerge with unimaginable spoils while others come away empty-handed.

Posted by Jody Knauss on March 24, 2015

ALEC and allies work to repeal laws that support local wage standards.

Posted by PR Watch Admin on March 20, 2015

Two Mondays ago, Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin and a fast-rising Republican star, signed a “right-to-work” bill into law in his state, calling it “one more tool that will help grow good-paying, family-supporting jobs here in the state of Wisconsin.”

Posted by Jonas Persson on March 03, 2015

Founded in 1955 to combat the "evils of compulsory unionism," the National Right to Work Committee has waged a war on workers ever since.

Posted by Brendan Fischer on March 02, 2015

CMD submits testimony outlining the ALEC ties to Wisconsin's right to work bill.


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