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  • Reply to: Who Do You Trust?   14 years 12 months ago
    Its complete nonsense to think that there is any such thing as "corporate social responsibility." There may be the occasional co. that is honest about this, but as long as the capitalism as constitued remains defined by the "bottom line," it will all just be hyperbole of the worst kind, benefiting those who have most to gain, in most cases, as usual. "If we accept what they are giving us, we deserve what we get."
  • Reply to: PR Bloggers Missing in Action on Payola Scandal?   14 years 12 months ago
    Never mind that -- how do I sign up to get some of that money for advocacy? I've offered my services, but so far have no takers. I can be a shill too! -- esp
  • Reply to: An Insurgency by Any Other Name   14 years 12 months ago
    Wording is everything nowadays ain't it?
  • Reply to: Intensifying the Information War   14 years 12 months ago
    I guess they decided that paying other PR firms was good but we have a big PR force already on the payroll. Cuz ya know when you have someone on your payroll they have to think like you too.
  • Reply to: Chain Reaction Letters   14 years 12 months ago
    In todays world so many things are run by fear and this sounds to me like another advertisment based in fear. Sort of like:"If your afraid of us you should be afraid of everything". They aren't really educating anyone at all. Most of us learned this type of stuff in gradeschool. just my thoughts.