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  • Reply to: Koch Network and Christian Right Celebrate Apparent Hagedorn Victory in Wisconsin Supreme Court Race   1 year 9 months ago
    Hateful stance? Really? A shame this destroys the credibility of an otherwise good article.
  • Reply to: Trump Taps Climate Denier to Lead a Secret White House Climate Panel   1 year 10 months ago
    Why are they afraid of Trump's Climate Panel? If the science is solid, and there is actual proof that Humans and CO2 are changing the Climate, there should be no fear. However, they are afraid. Why? from what I can tell, there is no proof, and NASA has adjusted their own PUBLISHED Temperature Records so they can say the latest years were the hottest. Finally, the models used by the IPCC, NASA, etc. do not accurately predict the PAST, so how can they predict the future? See for details.
  • Reply to: Why Don't We Talk About Smoking and Celebrity Deaths?   1 year 10 months ago
    People are saying drinking, diabetes and high blood pressure kill like smoking. Maybe so, but my high blood pressure, drinking and diabetes doesn't stink up a room like cigarettes.
  • Reply to: Billionaire Eli Broad Takes Public Education Private   1 year 10 months ago
    Lumping the Koch Bros and Eli Broad in the same category shows how confused the thinking on public schools has become. Koch supports the far right, Broad supports mainstream Democrats. Look at their contributions for 2016. Broad supports charters because our public schools have failed and continue to fail. Charter schools, to Broad and many others on the Left and the Right, are the only hope. Pressed, I'm sure, they will admit that it is an act of desperation, but we have to try something. I would much prefer to have a vibrant, centrally organized and union organized school system than a bunch of independent charters (schools or mini-districts), but deluding ourselves that evil people are trying to take us over won't help. It's the parents of LA who are insisting that things improve. We haven't completely lost them (as the strike showed), but the burden is on us to improve instruction. Blaming others just makes our demise more inevitable.
  • Reply to: How Scott Walker Made Wisconsin the National Poster Child for Dark Money Corruption   1 year 11 months ago
    From this article: "In the pre-dawn hours of June 5, 2013, a legislator quietly slipped the retroactive immunity provision drafted by NL Industries into a 532-page budget bill. The retroactive provision had no authors or sponsors and no notice was given to the public that it was under consideration. Public records showed that NL Industries' lobbyist handed the statutory change to top legislators in a memo with 'NL language' handwritten on top. The suggested change was fast-tracked through both houses of the legislature and enacted into law on January 27, 2011," testified Earle. Uhhh...what? Was the tracking so fast that it spun backward some time/space continuum?