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    Today's Washington Post story describes two federal contracts Gallagher received related to the Bush marriage intiative; a $21,500 contract with Health and Human Services and a $20,000 one with the Justice Department (detailed in [dis:Maggie Gallagher|the SourceWatch article on Gallagher]). So the total is $41,500.
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    In the interests of being fair and balanced like some news shows claim to be, It was only $21,500 NOT $41,500. Honest mistake I'm sure. We need to maintain fact at all times or we become like those that we ar trying to stop. Thanks for the story!! :)
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    Its complete nonsense to think that there is any such thing as "corporate social responsibility." There may be the occasional co. that is honest about this, but as long as the capitalism as constitued remains defined by the "bottom line," it will all just be hyperbole of the worst kind, benefiting those who have most to gain, in most cases, as usual. "If we accept what they are giving us, we deserve what we get."
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    Never mind that -- how do I sign up to get some of that money for advocacy? I've offered my services, but so far have no takers. I can be a shill too! -- esp
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    Wording is everything nowadays ain't it?