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04 December 2012
The hundreds of millions that mega-donors gave to Super PACs and dark money nonprofits in 2012 largely failed to produce a return on investment, with Barack Obama reelected and Democrats gaining... more
13 November 2012
In the aftermath of the 2012 election, the nation's big money donors may be reassessing their "investments" -- particularly those managed by Republican strategist Karl Rove. This election was... more
05 November 2012
On Sunday, Madison's Monona Terrace hosted a rally for the Americans for Prosperity (AFP), a "grassroots" nonprofit founded and funded by billionaire industrialist David Koch. AFP's last-minute... more
03 November 2012
At the Mt. View gas station in Wausau, Wisconsin last week, some motorists were able to secure a gallon of gas for $1.84, thanks to a subsidy from David Koch's Americans for Prosperity. These... more
30 October 2012
Maine's U.S. Senate race is a battle between not two, but three candidates vying to replace retiring Senator Olympia Snowe: Republican Charlie Summers, Democrat Cynthia Dill, and former Governor... more
22 October 2012
The endgame is beginning in one of the most crucial Senate races in the nation, between former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson and U.S. Representative Tammy Baldwin. With the race a virtual tie and... more
17 October 2012
The U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts is currently among the closest in the country, with the most recent polls showing a razor-thin lead by Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren, who hopes to... more
11 October 2012
When it comes to campaign fundraising, Ohio U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, a Democrat, has recently pulled ahead of his Republican challenger, State Treasurer Josh Mandel. However, Brown has been the... more
05 October 2012
At a recent rally in Madison, Wisconsin, 60 Plus Association President Jim Martin had a lot to say about Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, and the dire threat liberals supposedly pose to Medicare, but he... more
17 September 2012
On September 6th, the Detroit News reported that Republican candidate for president Mitt Romney took a look at the latest polls and decided to pull down ads in Michigan and Pennsylvania. Romney-... more


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