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12 April 2011
CONTACT: John Stauber, Senior Adviser, Food Rights NetworkPHONE: (608) 260-9713; (608) 279-4044EMAIL: Sally Brown and BioCycle Magazine, Supporters of Growing Food in... more
22 March 2011
Amidst the ongoing labor struggle in Wisconsin and national efforts to cut programs while giving breaks to business, the race for a swing vote seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court has heated up.... more
16 March 2011
Protesters flooded The Homer Building in Washington, D.C., where BGR Group, an enormous and infamously right-wing lobbyist group has its offices. BGR hosted a $1,000-a-head fundraiser Wednesday... more
16 March 2011
"Where did our money go? Down the Walker rat hole!" Such was the popular chant Tuesday evening outside the downtown Madison Marshall and Ilsley Bank branch. Protesters rallied outside the small... more
12 March 2011
In what many called possibly the largest labor demonstration in U.S. history, Wisconsin state legislators rallied a crowd Saturday afternoon that rivaled previous weekends' protests of Gov. Scott... more
10 March 2011
The Utah-based "American Patriot Recall Coalition" (APRC) registered recall committees online February 18 for eight of the 14 "AWOL" Wisconsin Democratic senators, leaving the Wisconsin Government... more
08 March 2011
The Democratic Party says it has 15 percent of the total statewide signatures needed to recall eight Republican legislators. As recall efforts heat up and national and local news reports these... more
08 March 2011
Monday morning, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin filed a complaint with the state's Government Accountability Board against Gov. Scott Walker, citing comments Walker made during a prank call phoned... more
01 March 2011
At least three of the handful of protesters allowed to watch Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's budget address from the State Capitol's Assembly Gallery Tuesday evening were ejected from the Gallery,... more
24 February 2011
5:15 p.m. - Cars, SUVs and buses whoosh down Madison's King Street Thursday afternoon, honking, windows rolled down, thumbs up in solidarity as neon-vested police officers direct traffic. "Stay... more


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