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08 April 2011
Corporate insiders peddling the claim that drilling for methane gas will solve America's energy needs just scored big in Washington -- and for these insiders fracking for gas is very lucrative... more
30 March 2011
Gasland, a documentary film that exposes the dangers accompanying methane gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale region, has been mercilessly attacked by Big Oil since the film was released during the... more
06 March 2011
Madison, Wisconsin -- A new lobbying firm, the Badger Advocates, has opened on Capitol Square. According to its newly-minted website, the Advocates "are dedicated to supporting the University of... more
20 February 2011
Op-Ed by Steve Horn, Madison, Wisconsin -- This is a story about Scott Walker and Biddy Martin's efforts to dismantle the University of Wisconsin-Madison. To complete the corporatization of the... more
31 January 2011
The Egyptian people have exposed the great myth that prevails in the sphere of United States' foreign policy, namely that U.S. foreign policy elites are concerned with "spreading democracy." That... more
25 January 2011
It is a known fact that money taints every aspect of American politics, and most prominently, elections.  The Raw Story reports that sometimes you actually don't have to pay to play, or at least... more
25 January 2011
Gasland, the documentary produced and directed by Josh Fox, is up for an Oscar for Best Documentary in the Feature Category. The film put the harms associated with natural gas drilling in the... more
09 December 2010
Op-ed by Steve Horn--On Dec. 9, 2010, Haaretz, one of Israel's top newspapers and news sources, reported that the United States would allocate some $205 million for something called an "Iron Dome... more
10 November 2010
Money, plain and simple, is what blogger Glenn Greenwald called "the bacteria that ills the American political system" in a talk given at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on November 3,... more
22 September 2010
Activists, concerned citizens, and democrats (written purposely with a lower "d"), watch out. As George Orwell stated in his ominous book 1984, "Big Brother is watching you." One need to look no... more


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