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28 January 2015
Defense contractor Northrop Grumman has ended its relationship with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), thanks to shareholder engagement from the Fond du Lac, Wisconsin-based... more
27 January 2015
The political network organized by Charles and David Koch plans to spend an incredible $889 million to capture the White House in 2016 and deepen the Koch party's bench in Congress. But that's not... more
21 January 2015
This week, Republican presidential hopefuls like Gov. Scott Walker, Gov. Chris Christie, and Sen. Rand Paul will travel to an exclusive resort near Palm Springs, Florida to kiss the rings of David... more
19 January 2015
Newly-elected Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) will give the Republican response to President Obama's State of the Union address, perhaps providing further proof that the Koch political network has evolved... more
13 January 2015
A bipartisan effort to enforce Wisconsin’s longstanding laws governing coordination between campaigns and independent groups has been mislabeled a “partisan witch hunt” by a well-funded legal and... more
05 January 2015
"Selma," the new biopic of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., offers a snapshot into the civil rights leader's time in Selma, Alabama, as he led a march through hostile territory to pressure President... more
26 December 2014
Minnesotans protesting police violence and institutional racism could face "staggering" fees and criminal charges for a protest at Mall of America, with the City of Bloomington announcing plans to... more
18 December 2014
The Wisconsin Supreme Court has agreed to review the long-running investigation into possible criminal campaign finance violations by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's campaign and "dark money"... more
16 December 2014
Low-wage employers have received more than $3.3 billion in taxpayer subsidies from state and local governments, and companies linked to members of the Forbes 400 have received at least $19... more
05 December 2014
After spending hundreds of millions of undisclosed funds on state and federal elections, the corporate members of the American Legislative Exchange Council are demanding that state legislators... more


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