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01 September 2014
Despite claims that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is not a "target" in the state's criminal campaign finance probe, newly-released documents demonstrate that prosecutors are indeed looking at... more
18 August 2014
Arizona has been ground zero for the American Legislative Exchange Council-backed effort to penalize homeowners who build solar panels on their homes. Last year, the state's main electricity... more
13 August 2014
A slew of election law experts and Wisconsin's elections board have filed briefs with the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals sharply critiquing federal Judge Rudolph Randa’s decision halting Wisconsin'... more
11 August 2014
Migrant mothers and their young children detained at the border are being denied an opportunity to be released on bond, because of 9/11. Department of Justice prosectors are citing a 2003 ruling... more
07 August 2014
The Wisconsin Supreme Court’s recent decisions upholding Governor Scott Walker’s signature voter ID legislation depended on the votes of the four justices often described as “conservative.” But... more
01 August 2014
The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), a big business-funded group that claims to be the "nation's leading small business association," has joined the corporate board of the American... more
31 July 2014
After forty years of pushing corporate-friendly policy in state legislatures, this week the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is launching its new project aimed at doing the same at the... more
30 July 2014
On July 11, Elizabeth Taff was sick, vomiting -- and preparing sandwiches at Subway. Taff asked to go home. Her supervisor refused, unless Taff found someone to cover her shift. He advised her to... more
23 July 2014
For months, supporters of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker have insisted the John Doe criminal probe into his 2012 campaign is "baseless," because the alleged coordination under investigation did not... more
21 July 2014
By Brendan Fischer and Nick Surgey Newly-obtained documents show that the billionaire Koch brothers' political giving is much more expansive than has previously been known. In addition to the... more


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