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17 November 2010
Our friends at National People's Action (NPA) are planning another "Showdown" with big banks across the nation. When Wall Street crashed the economy in 2008, it cost America eight million jobs... more
17 November 2010
In December, two million Americans will lose their Unemployment Insurance unless Congress acts. Millions more will follow. Congress is about to make a choice that will define this moment in history:... more
15 November 2010
Throughout the course of the 2010 Congressional midterm campaigns, candidates threw out countless fibs, questionable assertions, whoppers and half-truths. These are our candidates for the most... more
12 November 2010
Watch out, they're coming. After an election cycle in which Republicans worked themselves into a lather in an attempt to convince voters that the deficit was the source of all their economic woes,... more
10 November 2010
The sweeping Wall Street reform bill that was signed into law this summer calls for the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Just like other consumer regulators work to keep... more
03 November 2010
It’s the day before a hotly-contested national election, where it appeared the rabble was well positioned to deliver a colossal spanking to the elites who have for too long ignored their plight, so... more
19 October 2010
Do you know who holds the promissory note to your mortgage? The legal document that shows that you really owe that debt? Really, are you sure? So many mortgages have been securitized, sliced and... more
11 October 2010
In recent weeks, it has been revealed that the nation’s largest banks have been fraudulently foreclosing on tens, if not hundreds of thousands of families. The big banks financed the predatory... more
06 October 2010
Champions of financial reform who fought hard for a strong Wall Street reform bill this year know they cannot let down their guard. They are tracking and countering the moves of the big banks as they... more
29 September 2010
On October 3, 2010 the U.S. Treasury's Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) will end. The expiry is likely to generate many celebratory claims from federal government officials that the bailout is... more


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