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28 October 2013
Washington State voters are being subjected to nonstop ads about a ballot initiative to label genetically engineered foods, Initiative 522 (522). Most ads on 522 are sponsored by a record-breaking... more
17 September 2013
My friend Jim, a farmer, jokes about bringing a bowl of manure and a spoon to the farmers' markets where he sells his beef. "My beef has no manure in it, but you can add some," he'd like to tell his... more
12 August 2013
You might use nanotechnology in the sunscreens you squirt or lather on your kids. You might lick your lips and taste it in your favorite lip-gloss. You might even eat it in your Jell-O pudding. But... more
16 May 2013
Monsanto just announced a deal with DSM Nutritional Products to sell a new type of genetically engineered (GE) soybean: one with supposed nutritional benefits. The majority of Monsanto's GE crops are... more
19 March 2013
Some day soon, you might tuck into a plate of salmon without knowing that the fish you are eating was genetically engineered. The so-called AquAdvantage salmon, a salmon genetically engineered to... more
01 January 2013
As Americans experienced epic droughts, freakish hurricanes, and other extreme weather over the past few years, many are eager to see our nation secure a sustainable energy supply for the future that... more
28 August 2012
A decade and a half after farmers began planting the first genetically engineered (GE) crops, the future is clear. The scientists who pioneered genetic engineering thought of themselves as... more
01 August 2012
After a series of court defeats over the past few years, Monsanto and friends are trying to use Congress to make an end-run around the courts and current law. Lawsuits brought by opponents of... more
25 May 2012
This story was first published by Alternet and is being cross-posted by the Center for Media and Democracy's Food Rights Network. Driving through Ngong Hills, not far from Nairobi, Kenya, the... more
05 October 2011
Kern County has the sad role of being California's toilet. Kern County receives everything that goes down the drain from households, hospitals, and industry, from one of the largest and most densely... more


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